Don’t Get Caught Out on 90 Minute Bets

When people find out who I am in down the pub, in the supermarket, on the streets, wherever I get the usual “what’s the best bet today?”, “what is the best betting system?” etc etc.

Getting deeper into conversation with people who want to be a professional gambler, or just those who stick £10 on a long shot every now and then, there’s a wide range of gamblers out there. Working with a small team here, I know the different strategies because we all have our own approaches.

The one thing I have had to repeat to people a lot recently is “know your bets”. I understand the Asian Handicap can be confusing to some, but there’s no excuse for getting the basics wrong.

I remember at the last World Cup having to explain to one punter why he lost his bet on Argentina to beat Mexico, because he backed them to win, which means win in 90 minutes. Unfortunately for him they won in extra time. In that scenario, backing Argentina to qualify, at much shorter odds would have been the winning option.

Now we have reached the knock out stages of the competition, where the tension and excitement builds, and if you’re English, where the disappointment comes. At this stage, many punters get caught out on the straight bet, whether on purpose or by not knowing the rules. Sometimes backing the nation to qualify turns out to be the better option, even if the odds are shorter.

Myself, I will continue to look for the sensible bets, the good prices and hope to continue this large winning spree of the past two weeks.