What Next for Wayne Rooney?

Although it has come to the forefront with more than two months before the winter transfer window opens, it appears Wayne Rooney’s future remains away from Manchester United.

With just 1 Premier League goal to his name in the last 7 months, that being a penalty against West Ham, Wayne Rooney’s form, or lack of has been one of the major stories this season in the Premier League. Others include his personal life, an apparent ankle injury and now an apparent falling out with Sir Alex Ferguson.

Not For the First Time

The Manchester United boss has admitted his shock and disappointment with the English football picture boys decision to want to leave. This is not the first time Sir Alex Ferguson has had a fall out with one of his stars, far from it. Previous falling outs include Jaap Stam, David Beckham and Ruud van Nistelrooy. All were key United players at the time – all were sold. So where next for Rooney?

Manchester City

Manchester City have emerged as the bookmakers favourite. This club would be the most fitting for Wayne Rooney. A player you imagine would not have success speaking a foreign language and therefore moving abroad. And also being the local rivals of Manchester United. With his history of antics towards Everton supporters since his departure, you can picture Rooney gesturing to the United fans and Ferguson alike after the boy wonder scores in their local derby. Should a transfer go through in January, Manchester City travel to Old Trafford on February 12th. Happy valentines weekend. Manchester City are also capable of matching United’s asking price and Wayne Rooney’s wage demands.

Real Madrid

With Jose Mourinho looking for more fire power at Real Madrid, a move to the Spanish capital is not out of the question for Wayne Rooney. Manchester United have also been linked to Karim Benzema in the past. The French striker could be used as good bait for United, while Rooney would see the benefits in playing for arguably the world’s most famous football team, under Jose Mourinho and alongside former United team mate, Cristiano Ronaldo. His wife Coleen may also prefer life in Madrid.


With footballers wives or WAGs having a say in some footballers lives, Coleen Rooney may want to persuade her husband to move to Real Madrid’s biggest rivals instead. Barcelona a currently third favourites, despite only signing David Villa in the summer and having Lionel Messi to fit into their team too. How they can financially afford to sign Rooney remains a mystery though, having to borrow a large loan not so long ago to pay their players’ wages.

Other Contenders

Chelsea, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Bayern Muncih and even Arsenal have also been linked to the England hitman. It’s nothing more than you’d expect – Europe’s biggest football teams being linked to one of the most talented and marketable footballers as soon as there are rumours of unhappiness in his current camp.

Should Wayne Rooney get his wish and leave Manchester United in the near future, or at the end of the season, I can only see him going to one of the first three listed teams. What’s going to stop Manchester City wanting to reunite Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez once again?

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    1. Hi Saakir,

      I have considered, and even mentioned Chelsea, in the ‘other contenders’ section in the penultimate paragraph of the article.

      Why haven’t I considered them a major contender? I believe the first three mentioned; Manchester City, Real Madrid and Barcelona are the favourites to capture Rooney.


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