5 Reasons Why Josep Guardiola Won’t Join Chelsea

Amid continuous speculation that Josep Guardiola could make a move to Chelsea this season, following rumours that current manager Carlo Ancelotti may be on the way out, here’s 5 reasons why Roman Abramovich won’t be hiring Pep any time soon.

1. He is currently at the best team in the world

If last night’s 5-0 victory in El Clasico is anything to go by, Barcelona are the best team in the world right now. Josep Guardiola’s Barcelona are the best team in the world. Given that the defending Champions League holdings have somewhat faded out since Jose Mourinho left, and it was Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid that were on the end of that thumping, why would Guardiola want to leave the best team in the world?

Last night’s 5-0 defeat was the biggest Jose Mourinho has experienced in football management.

2. He is Barcelona through and through

Although he hasn’t yet renewed a contract that is due to expire next summer (still plenty of time to do so), Josep Guardiola has spent the best part of 20 years at Barcelona, starting aged 13 as a youth, and grew up a short distance from Camp Nou. Having been a regular in their first team for a decade, he left when aged 30. Never gifted with pace, he turned down moves to the Premier League sides including Chelsea and Manchester United at the start of this millennium when the Premier League was being to multiply in popularity. He went to Brescia in Serie A, a slower paced league and arguably the best league in the world at the time, before a short stint at Roma followed by a move to Doha where a lot of mega stars have gone at the end of their career to big up a nice pay cheque.

Josep Guardiola was sent off a club record 13 times for Barcelona. So much for being calm on the sideline.

3. Chelsea’s money won’t talk

A decade as a player at Barcelona, a spell in Italy when it was thriving, a nice end of career paycheck in Qatar and now in his third season as manager of Barcelona. Josep Guardiola has earned himself a wealth over the years. There’s no reason for him to jump ship for the sake of money. Of course money talks, but if you keep in mind the two previous reasons with them, there’s no reason for Guardiola to jump ship.

Josep Guardiola studied law for a year before taking up football professionally.

4. He didn’t buy success at Barcelona – he developed it/their youths

Yes, Barcelona’s team was worth an estimated £75,000,000 last night (compared to Real Madrid’s estimated £240,000,000). David Villa alone cost nearly half of that, but the majority of their squad consists of players developed through their youth system. Gerard Pique is classed as a Guardiola signing and part of that lump sum, but even he graduated through the Barcelona youth system before being prized away by Manchester United. Lionel Messi, Xavi, Andres Iniesta and Carles Puyol are all successful graduates. Chelsea don’t have a similar successful youth system, but rather look to bring in highly-rated players and mould them into a team.

Upon becoming manager of Barcelona, Josep Guardiola sold Samuel Eto’o, Ronaldinho, Deco and Gianluca Zambrotta, freeing up room for youngsters like future World Cup winners Sergio Busquets and Pedro to break through.

5. Barcelona are more special than Chelsea

Playing at a stadium that holds over 90,000 spectators, with the highest average attendance of all European football teams, Camp Nou consists predominantly of passionate Barcelona fans, plus a few tourists and away supports alike when the team are in action. Proud of their Catalan heritage, FC Barcelona players and fans alike wear their shirts proudly. What’s more, the fans own the club. Barcelona have 20 league titles and 3 European Cup/Champions League trophies to their name. In London, the defending Premier League champions have a stadium half the size of Barcelona and Stamford Bridge does not rank amongst the best atmospheres in England. A mixture of Chelsea fans, not necessarily born or brought up, or even currently living local to the team make up the majority of the crowd. They have an owner who’s building a reputation for falling out with his staff and getting through managers. Their trophy cabinet doesn’t compete with the elite of England, let-alone Barcelona’s.  Why would Josep Guardiola throw all this away at Barcelona to join Chelsea?

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  1. if mourinho wants to leave real he is welcome back at stamford bridge. i will be happy to see gus hiddink back too. chelsea can attract any manager in the world if guardiala is foolish to turn them down.

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