Luis Suarez’s top 11 shameful moments

Liverpool’s £22.8 million forward hasn’t won over many fans outside of Merseyside since his move to the English Premier League in January 2011. Last season he spent nearly as many games suspended as he did score goals. After 33 games this season, the Uruguayan forward leads the Premier League with 23 goals and had been touted as a possible winner for the PFA Player of the Season award. Any hopes of that were thrown out the window on Sunday when he decided to bite a fellow professional on the pitch.
Here are 11 moments that shame Luis Suarez:

11. Kicking Michael Dawson

During a match with Tottenham Hotspur, defender Michael Dawson beat Luis Suarez to a ball down the line and conceded a throw in. As Dawson fell over in making the clearance, Suarez decided to go over to the defender and kick him whilst on the ground. Credit to the English centre-back and Spurs captain for not rolling around on the floor afterwards. Take note of that, Mr Suarez:

10. Refusing Handshake with Patrice Evra

After an 8-game suspension for apparent racist comments thrown in the direction of Patrice Evra, Luis Suarez had an opportunity to put the row behind him ahead of Liverpool’s match against rivals Manchester United. However, Suarez would make the headlines for the wrong reasons once more as he refused to shake the French full back’s hand pre-game. Manchester United would end up winning 2-1, leaving Evra to celebrate at the end:

9. Tugging Rafael’s hair

In another match against Manchester United, Liverpool’s Jamie Carragher attempted a nasty tackle on Rafael, only for the Brazilian to commit a terrible foul of his own on Lucas seconds later. A little scrap followed between both sets of players which featured Luis Suarez doing something most-commonly associated with girls… and tugging his opponents’ hair:

8. Kicking Scott Parker

If kicking Michael Dawson wasn’t enough for Luis Suarez, the forward lined one up into Scott Parker’s stomach too. I’ve heard fans claiming this is an accident, but if you look closely, Suarez focusses on Parker and would have been an air shot if Parker was not there:

7. Red card tackle and feigning injury

Not all of Luis Suarez’s worst moments have taking place in English football. He was just as bad during his time at Ajax in the Netherlands. If not worse. In this next clip, the Uruguayan commits a red card challenge and in the process feigns an injury himself as the opponents boot brushes him:

6. Gesturing to Fulham fans

After Liverpool’s 1-0 defeat at Fulham in December 2011, Luis Suarez was seen raising his middle finger in the direction of the home fans as he walked off the pitch. This earned him a 1-match ban which came just before an 8-game suspension for racial abuse:

5. Gets Jack Rodwell sent off

It wouldn’t be unfair to say Everton haven’t had much luck with referees in Premier League Merseyside derbies. October 2011 was no different. Only midway through the first half, Everton’s Jack Rodwell was shown a red card for a fair tackle on Luis Suarez. However, the Liverpool player went down like he’d been shot, conning the referee into showing the Everton midfielder a red card (which was later overturned on appeal):

4. Dive versus Stoke City

You could make a 15-minute montage of Luis Suarez dives if you were that bored. It seems a game doesn’t go by where he isn’t throwing himself to the ground, often inside the penalty area. This flop versus Stoke in the box was one of the worst dives in Premier League history:

3. Double dive

In a Dutch Eredivisie match for Ajax against NEC Nijmegen, Luis Suarez goes down inside the penalty area reacting like his foot has been broken. This angers the opposition, whom one of the defenders decides to put his hands on the back of the ground forward. Suarez’s reaction is to roll around some more, holding his head. Spot the drama queen:

2. Biting Branislav Ivanovic

Something I thought I would never see in the English Premier League again after Jermain Defoe took a bite out of Javier Mascherano nearly seven years ago. A yellow card was deemed severe enough that day but after Luis Suarez had a good nibble on Branislav Ivanovic on Sunday, and with his history I am expecting a lengthy ban for the Uruguayan:

1. Biting Otman Bakkal

The biting of Ivanovic only ranks at number two on this list. It may be hard to believe, but Luis Suarez has done worse. Back in November 2010, playing for Ajax versus title contenders PSV Eindhoven, following the sending off of his team mate Rasmus Lindgren for a reckless challenge on Ibrahim Afellay, a scrap followers in which Suarez decided to bite Otman Bakkal on the shoulder. Suarez was handed a 7-game ban by the Dutch FA: