2014 World Cup qualifying UEFA attendances

The qualification in Europe is complete ahead of the 2014 World Cup. 13 of the 53 competing nations have successfully booked their spot in Brazil.

England were the by far the most-supported nation in qualifying, despite really not playing any attractive nation in football terms. Not to forget the extortionate prices charged by the FA to see their team, England really is the home of football.

A total of 385,347 fans walked through the gates at Wembley Stadium during the five home qualifiers to see their nation to qualifying for Brazil 2014.

France were the next most-supported nation with 272,184 fans in all. Didier Deschamps side were in the smallest group and therefore only had four home qualifying games. The French did rank second-highest in average gates, but still more than 9,000 fans per game lower than England.

The total and average attendances for each of the 53 nations who competed in qualifying were as follows:

World Cup 2014 UEFA qualifying attendances

Ukraine were the most-supported nation amongst those who did not qualify. The co-hosts of Euro 2012 saw an average attendance of 45,152 – only four nations saw a higher attendance. The Eastern European nation welcomed the most attractive nation in football, England, to their stadium, as well as Poland which will have enticed additional fans into the stadium.

Poland and Austria’s attendances were also in the top 8 despite both nations failing to qualify for the tournament. Austria were in the same qualifying group as their neighbours Germany, but for a nation that has not qualified for a World Cup since 1998 and qualified for their only European Championships in 2008 as hosts – credit to the passionate fans.

Only 6 of the top 13 countries in terms of average attendance reached Brazil. Sweden (40,275), Turkey (38,402), Scotland (37,924) and the Republic of Ireland (37,491) were the other nations amongst the top 13.

Of nations that did qualify for the World Cup, Bosnia and Herzegovina propped up the table with just a mere 11,548 on average turning up to their home games. Their total crowd over five games was fewer than England’s lowest crowd.
The average attendances in from top to bottom are below, with the 13 qualifiers highlighted:

World Cup 2014 UEFA qualifying average attendances

All 13 qualifiers are in the top 32 in FIFA’s World Rankings as you’d expect with their results over the previous 15 months. Ukraine (18), Denmark (25), Sweden (27), Czech Republic (28), Slovenia (29), Romania (30) and Serbia (32).

Ukraine were the highest nation in terms of the UEFA coefficient (7) that allows them to have plenty of teams in European club competition, that did not qualify.

Data collected from the reliable Wikipedia