Luis Suárez in numbers

Luis Suarez

Luis Suárez is set to play his 100th Premier League match for Liverpool this weekend when his side travel to Southampton.

The Uruguayan caused plenty of controversy during his three years in England prior to outstanding start to his 2013-14 season.

Here are some facts and figures for Luis Suárez:

99 – He has played 99 Premier League matches, starting 96 of them, totalling 8,569 minutes.

61 – He has scored 61 Premier League goals during his three years in England.

79% – Whilst the majority of his goals have come inside the penalty area, Suárez has struck 13 from outside the box.

9 – Nine of his goals have been scored with his head.

141 – The striker is averaging a goal every 141 minutes in the Premier League.

492 – He has taken 492 shots since his arrival in January 2011, averaging 4.97 shots per game.

20 – He has recorded 20 assists.

12 – The fleet-footed player has won 12 penalties.

21 – He has collected 21 yellow cards.

0 – He has never been sent off in the Premier League.

18 – Luis Suárez has been suspended for 18 games in England despite never being sent off.

216 – The Uruguayan has been fouled on 216 occasions, or should I say, he has won 216 free kicks.