Manchester United’s dominant record over Liverpool

Today sees Manchester United take on Liverpool for the 44th time in the history of the Premier League.

Liverpool head to Old Trafford as many fans and journalists favourites today – something that has very, very happened in the past.

Indeed, Manchester United hold a very dominant record over their rivals. Here are the previous 43 fixtures between the two sides:

Manchester United-Liverpool rivalry

Manchester United have won 23 of the past 43 meetings. The Red Devils have only beaten Everton (30) and Tottenham (29) on more occasions in the Premier League than they have beaten the Reds.

Liverpool have won 12 of those previous fixtures and 8 have resulted in a draw.

Daniel Sturridge’s winner at Anfield earlier this season means that Liverpool today have the opportunity to do the double over United for the fourth time in the Premier League.

The first time Liverpool accomplished this feat was back in 2000-01 under the stewardship of Gérard Houllier. However, Manchester United still went on to win the Premier League title that season.

Fortunes improved for Liverpool the following season as they did the double over Manchester Untied once again. This time they went on to finish above their arch-rivals but still failed to win the Premier League – finishing runners-up to Arsenal.

Even after finishing that second Liverpool failed to kick on, and now in the 22nd season of the Premier League, the Merseyside club have still yet to win the Premier League.

With an 11-point lead over Manchester United heading into the final 10 games of the season, Liverpool are looking set to finish above Manchester United for only the second time in 22 Premier League seasons.

This being the worst season ever in Manchester United’s Premier League history – set to finish outside of the top 3 for the first time and with their lowest-ever points tally.

Still, whilst Liverpool can enjoy a second finish above Manchester United, the Red Devils have 13 Premier League titles in their back pocket compared to Liverpool’s 0. And it’s usually Liverpool fans who talk to me about history…

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  1. It looks to me as if there’s far too much confidence about amongst LFC fans. I suspect United will win again, probably 2 – 1. Very likely, too, there will be a crucial moment in the game that goes United’s way – seen it all before.

  2. Oh Barrie, Barrie…

    If any of this makes you feel better about your imminent decline, then good luck to you. A bitter Liverpool fan could have written something similar in 1991 after you had just gone 26 years without a title (assuming football existed before you think it did).

    Looking at the last 5 seasons, the results are very even. Liverpool with 5 wins, United with 5 wines, and a single draw.

    United may well win today, but they are no longer the better team. Next season’s lack of Champions League football will make it hard to recruit and you will lose players. You will be trusting Moyes to spend wisely and replicate Ferguson’s success. It’s easy to slip out of the top 4 but very hard to get back in, as you will soon see.

  3. Thank you for your comments, Martin, Tom and Jonny,

    @Jonny – “If any of this makes you feel better about your imminent decline, then good luck to you.”

    Assuming that “your imminent decline” refers to my favourite football team and not me as a person, then it really has nothing to do with this article.

    My team are actually still 3rd in the Championship despite what I assume you refer to as the “imminent decline” – failing to score in 4 successive matches.

    Given that we weren’t expecting to be anywhere near the playoffs at the start of the season, I’ve been delighted with our performances and being teased about the possibility of Premier League football next season. But I think that’s too much about Derby County than this post deserves!

    As for football existing before the Premier League sure, but as my About page and Twitter profile both state – I am a Premier League stat man 😉 You’ll notice there are no FA Cup, League Cup etc. matches listed in the article either 😉

  4. Manchester united are the most surccessful team in barclays premier league

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