Liverpool top Premier League revenue table

Liverpool were the highest earners from the Premier League which takes into account the money they earned from their final position and TV revenue.

2013-14 Premier League champions Manchester City ranked second in the table by virtue that they earned £2.2 million less from TV revenue than the club who finished below them in the league.

Liverpool were the highest earners from TV revenue, whilst 15th place finishing Aston Villa earned as much from TV revenue as 5th place Everton did.

Each position in the Premier League was worth £1.2 million this season with Manchester City raking in £24 million for finishing top.

Each club earned a guaranteed £54 million, on top of which the side finishing bottom of the Premier League this season, got an additional £1.2 million for their final position and £7.5 million from TV revenue.

In essence, the minimum a side could earn in the 2013-14 Premier League was £62.7 million – which is what Cardiff City earned.

These figures do not include each club’s income from ticket sales, sponsorhsip and merchandise, nor for their performances in domestic and European Cups.

The full table is as follows:

Premier League 2013-14 revenue table