Which Premier League teams fare best when top at Christmas?

Chelsea’s 1-0 win at Crystal Palace on Saturday means that Antonio Conte’s side are on an 11-game winning streak and have a six-point lead over Liverpool at Christmas.

In Premier League history the leader at Christmas has gone on to win 12 of the 24 seasons, but omens are much better for Chelsea this season – six of the last seven top at Christmas have gone on to win the Premier League title.  Liverpool in 2013-14 being the anomaly.

History is certainly on Chelsea’s side – the four times they have won the Premier League title they were top at Christmas.  They are also the only four previous times they have been top on 25 December prior to this season.

There are still 21 games left for each team to change that but many pundits feel Chelsea have an advantage over both Manchester City and Arsenal who will be competing in European competition again from February.  Chelsea’s rest between their three festive fixtures is also significantly greater than their title rivals – in fact they have the greatest rest of all 20 teams, nearly a full day more than the next favoured team and nearly twice as much time as Southampton who have been dealt the harshest fixture list over the festive season.

Four teams have won the league every time they have topped it at Christmas.  Chelsea are the only team to have accomplished this having topped the table more than once.  Blackburn Rovers, Manchester City and Leicester City have each been top at Christmas and gone on to win the league that season.

Manchester United have been top of the Premier League on Christmas Day seven times and gone on to win the league on five of those occasions.

Here is a full list of teams who were top of the Premier League on Christmas Day and their finishing positions:

Season Team Final Position
1992-93 Norwich City 3
1993-94 Manchester United 1
1994-95 Blackburn Rovers 1
1995-96 Newcastle United 2
1996-97 Liverpool 4
1997-98 Manchester United 2
1998-99 Aston Villa 6
1999-00 Leeds United 3
2000-01 Manchester United 1
2001-02 Newcastle United 4
2002-03 Arsenal 2
2003-04 Manchester United 3
2004-05 Chelsea 1
2005-06 Chelsea 1
2006-07 Manchester United 1
2007-08 Arsenal 3
2008-09 Liverpool 2
2009-10 Chelsea 1
2010-11 Manchester United 1
2011-12 Manchester City 1
2012-13 Manchester United 1
2013-14 Liverpool 2
2014-15 Chelsea 1
2015-16 Leicester City 1