Premier League players to return to training from Tuesday

The Premier League has gone a step closer for a restart the 2019-20 campaign as clubs agreed to commence small group training from Tuesday.

Each of the 20 Premier League clubs met with league officials via video conference on Monday to agree stage one of a possible restart.

The date of Friday 12 June has been floated around but no restart date was agreed on Monday. Reports last week also suggested that Spain and Italy were looking to get their leagues restarted the same weekend, but nothing has been made official from their authorities as of yet either.

Teams in Germany restarted the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga this past weekend after five weeks of training following their two-month suspension.

Having watched some of the German action over the weekend, the empty stands and lack of atmosphere was heartbreaking for such a popular sport, whilst the players were far from their best. Essentially, they’d had a longer break than between a World Cup and off-season whilst having no pre-restart friendlies.

France and the Netherlands officially ended their seasons in April, with Paris Saint-Germain being declared the champions, whilst Toulouse and Amiens were relegated, despite each having 10 games to play. The Dutch FA agreed to no champions, promotion nor relegation this season.

The Premier League was officially suspended on 13 March following the COVID-19 pandemic which has caused more reported deaths in the UK than any other European country.

Teams in the top flight of English football had 9-10 games remaining when the season was suspended. EFL League 2 called a halt to their season last week, with League 1 expected to follow in the coming days.

There has been very little talk of a resumption of the Championship so one would expect the second tier to be voided, but I certainly expect a conclusion to the 2019-20 Premier League season, particularly with Germany leading the way.