Football betting: 4 skills to increase your chances of winning

Football betting has exploded in popularity over the past 10 years with millions of fans placing bets every week. The gambling industry has always been able to survive even the toughest of conditions and it even thrived when the current pandemic hit last year.

Sports enthusiast love the buzz they get from betting on football but making regular profits isn’t easy. Here, we look at five skills you need to help make you a more profitable football bettor.


This may be an obvious one, but it’s vital you have an in-depth knowledge of what you’re betting on, namely the teams, players and the markets you’re betting in. A few years ago, online gambling sites were limited in what you could bet on. The online casino would offer basic roulette, a few card games and some slot machines – or machines a sous as the French would say. Bookies would just have simple win-lose-draw odds for football matches and the correct scores.

However, these days, you can bet on hundreds of different markets including Under/Over match goals, number of cards, first goal-scorer, number of fouls and even how many goals will be scored in each half so you need to know the rules and exactly what you’re betting on before placing any money.

You also need to research the teams performance, head-to-head records, who’s injured, who’s in form and a million other factors related to the teams and players you’re backing. Knowledge it king when it comes to football betting.

Understand the numbers

Many people think betting on football is really complicated but in fact, it’s actually pretty simple; it’s you versus the bookmaker and someone has to lose. Unfortunately, you’re up against a multi-million pound company who’ve employed top experts in maths, stats, etc, to accurately predict the probability of each market.

So you need to be strong with numbers to be able find value and beat the bookie when they’ve priced something incorrectly. Even the best united states casinos make mistakes from time to time, and if you’ve worked out the probability of Arsenal beating Southampton more accurately than the bookmaker, you’ve a better chance of winning.

Work ethic

Being a successful football better can be hard work at times. It’s not easy money. You need to do plenty of research, watching games and crunching numbers before placing bets. The very best gamblers spend hours, sometimes days, preparing before making bets.

If you want to be part of a small group of regular winners, you need to be prepared to put in the hard graft. If you just want a quick win, try roulette.


This is often overlooked by casual gamblers but you need to have discipline to become a successful football bettor. Don’t chase losses is a key skill. The initial instinct is to bet straight after a loss to ‘get your money back’ but this is one of the biggest mistakes a bettor can make. Knowing when to quit when your down is vital.

Knowing when to quit when you’re ahead is just as important. If you’ve put the hours in finding a winning bet and it comes in, don’t immediately gamble the winnings on an ill-prepared bet. Take the profit and work hard to find another value bet. Taking emotion out of betting on football is also important because it’s very difficult not to bet with the heart over the head.