Online vs live poker – The Differences

Today, almost anyone can play poker. It is now possible to play with friends at home, at the casino, or online using your phone or laptop. Depending on where you play, there are nuances and different house rules, but the basics remain the same. We will not be lying when we say Poker has become a global sport in recent years.

It’s important to note that there are certain differences between the different formats of the game. We usually play with friends at home for fun, rather than when you want to earn money. Another difference is there are also live and online poker games. The game can also be lucrative.

For some people, live poker or online poker offers the same entertainment, but if you’re interested in more than just fun, you’ll need to determine which is the better option among both.

Here we’re going to explain the differences between live and online poker. We’re also going to drop pointers to help you adjust if you decide to make a switch from live to online and also talk about the best option for beginners who have decided to build a poker career.

Differences between live and online poker?

The nature of live and online games is very similar on one hand. Both games follow the same rules and have the same betting structure. However, the games themselves are entirely different. Players who have previously only played online or live poker may feel nervous about playing in their new location for the first time.

To help with the transition between games, we’re going to compare the features of both games and see the main differences in each of them. You can then make your choice by going through the list.

Quick Access

Online: Any time of the day, you can play the game online. Within minutes, you are already playing online poker with the help of a poker client or mobile app.

Live: Getting to the casino is the first step. Good luck if your house is close to one. Unless gambling is legal in your country, you may need to travel long distances as a result.

Schedule of games

Online: All cash games and poker tournaments are available at all times; no matter what stakes you choose, a session will begin at your stake. If you would like to play during the weekend, you can do so with your friends and family.

Live: You will rarely be able to play poker in the morning and afternoon since most games are played in the evening or at night. If you regularly play live games, your schedule should be tightly tied to the weekend since most games occur on Friday nights and weekends.


Online:  you can play wherever you like and take breaks when you need them. The game can be played on a bed, couch, park bench, or in a cafe if you’d like. You choose the place in which you feel most comfortable and control the environment around you.

Live: In some institutions, the level of comfort varies – chairs can be uncomfortable, people at tables may smoke, behave provocatively, and behave loudly. Nevertheless, you cannot change what happens in a live casino, so you must leave it or accept it.

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Online: Security and protection from fraud are important factors to major poker game rooms. Your bank account or game can be hacked, but if you take a responsible approach to protect your account, you will unlikely experience these issues.

Live: Casinos are more prone to cheating and collusion. Additionally, transporting large amounts of money can be quite hazardous if you win.


Online: There is no doubt that the online poker world contains a variety of bright emotions. Although everything is automated, players’ minds are occupied with calculations, and there is little time to enjoy what’s happening around them.

Live: Several social interactions occur in the game. Players see their opponents and try to outsmart them. There are no words to describe the look on a player’s face when they fold strong hands to your bluff. Live casinos have a unique atmosphere; live poker is so enjoyed by so many people.


Online: In recent years, players have become more skilled. Those who regularly use the internet watch tutorial videos, read strategy articles, and improve their skills by using the various application.

Live: A casino is primarily a place for people to have fun. Unlike the majority of other games in casinos, most people play poker very rarely and don’t take it seriously, which is why they don’t learn the rules and they do not know very much about strategy. This makes beating them much easier.


You can go through this list and compare the two systems of playing poker and compare the odds to determine which you would prefer. From your research, you can then find the best option that suits your bankroll.