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Liverpool needing help at the Front? Will Salah leave?

The Premier League is underway and Liverpool are pushing their best possible self to win back the faith of their loyal fans and get back to where they belong. 

The Premier League is currently underway, and Liverpool are pushing their best possible self to win back the faith of their loyal fans and get back to where they belong. 

While Jurgen Klopp has had the luxury here to stay for another contract, he understands his journey from here till the end is more challenging than the first stint. 

With several players leaving, Liverpool are battling several changes across their system to get their act together. One place the team needs to look at is here at the frontline with Darwin Nunez still to get his rhythm. 

Nunez – Unhappy? 

Darwin Nunez’s recent heroics for Liverpool, where he came off the bench to score two match-winning goals against Newcastle United, have certainly caught the attention of fans and pundits alike. These performances have showcased his undeniable talent, yet a lingering issue surrounds Nunez’s role within the team.

Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool manager, has opted to keep Nunez primarily on the bench in the season’s early stages. While this is common for new arrivals as they adapt to a new club and playing style, it’s led to speculation about Nunez’s level of trust within the squad.

Speaking on Premier League Productions, Clinton Morrison weighed in on Nunez’s situation. He empathized with the striker, noting that disappointment might creep in as he continually finds himself in a substitute role. Despite Nunez’s superb display against Newcastle, where his finishing prowess was on full display, he appears to be the fifth-choice attacker in Klopp’s pecking order.

This predicament is likely different from where Nunez envisioned himself upon joining Liverpool. His remarkable goals against Newcastle were a potent reminder of his abilities, hinting that he’s more than capable of leading the line. However, his aspirations likely lean towards becoming the first-choice striker, and the wait for that opportunity could be growing frustrating for the Uruguayan forward.

Klopp can take a page from Pep’s book here on how he used Jack Grealish. In his first season, with his hefty 100 million Pound price tag, Grealish was far from expectations. Grealish has become one of the most pivotal players in the City lineup a season and a treble later. 

This season can clear out the Nunez clout. 

Shearer shuts down Nunez’s Prediction 

Alan Shearer has dismissed Gary Lineker’s suggestion that Darwin Nunez could clinch the Premier League Golden Boot this season. Nunez, who plays for Liverpool, delivered a standout performance against Newcastle United, netting two fantastic goals.

Speaking on the ‘The Rest Is Football’ podcast, Lineker suggested that Nunez could be in contention for the Golden Boot. This caught Shearer off guard, and he questioned whether Nunez could genuinely challenge for the honour. Lineker, however, remained confident in Nunez’s abilities and the possibility of him competing for the award.

The primary obstacle to Nunez becoming one of the Premier League’s top goal-scorers this season is securing a spot in Liverpool’s starting lineup. With a wealth of attacking talent at Jurgen Klopp’s disposal, Nunez faces stiff competition. 

Nunez’s ability to maintain his position in the team depends on his goal-scoring prowess. While he contributes to the team in terms of creating opportunities, his main responsibility, given his £85 million price tag, is to find the back of the net consistently. He will remain a key part of the Liverpool squad if he succeeds. However, if he struggles, Klopp may turn to other trusted options, such as Cody Gakpo and Diogo Jota.

The long-term outcome remains uncertain, and Nunez’s future at Liverpool could go either way. His unpredictability is what makes him such an exciting prospect for fans.

Al-Ittihad deal for Salah is OFF – Salah is here to stay

Despite a whopping £150 million bid from Al-Ittihad, Mohamed Salah is singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” with a smile on his face at Liverpool. The Egyptian forward, who inked a new contract with Liverpool just last year, has two years left on his current deal and pockets a cool £350,000 per week.

But the lure of a big paycheck didn’t sway Liverpool’s resolve, as they emphatically shut down any talk of Salah moving on from Anfield. They’ve made it crystal clear: Salah is here to stay. However, the folks at Ittihad seem pretty determined, with rumours swirling that they might up their offer to a staggering £200 million.

Nonetheless, Salah isn’t in a hurry to hit the exit door. Recent snapshots of the 31-year-old leaving Liverpool’s training ground depict him in a rather cheerful mood, sporting a big grin and sharing laughs. It indicates that Salah isn’t ready to pack his bags yet.

In Jurgen Klopp’s eyes, Salah is indispensable. Klopp is adamant about keeping his star man firmly in the Liverpool fold, especially in light of Jordan Henderson and Fabinho’s departures to the Saudi Pro League.

As Klopp said when questioned about Ittihad’s rejected bid, “The position remains the same absolutely. That’s how it is. Nothing else to say. No offer as far as I know.” So, as the saying goes, Salah is here to stay.

Salah’s silence is also a Problem 

Mohamed Salah’s future at Liverpool has got everyone talking, but the Egyptian forward has been notably tight-lipped here amidst all the speculation. Speaking on ESPN FC, Pundit Steve Nicol offered some insights into Salah’s personality, suggesting that he’s not one to make a fuss publicly.

He firmly believed that Salah, being the true professional he is, wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to play. Nicol was confident that Salah’s approach to the game and his dedication to the club would prevent any refusal to play.

The pundit explained why Salah has yet to address his future publicly. According to Nicol, Salah differs from the player who actively seeks the spotlight or rushes to the microphone. Instead, he prefers to let his agent, the club, or others handle such matters.

However, the situation around Salah’s future could be more precise. While it’s true that Salah typically leaves the talking to his agent, Ramy Abbas Issa, recent reports have indicated that even Abbas has refrained from commenting on the situation. 

This radio silence from both Salah and his agent has left fans anxious, leading some to speculate that there might be more to the story than meets the eye.

Salah’s future remains uncertain, and his silence has become a hot topic in the ongoing transfer saga. Many supporters are eager to hear directly from Salah, hoping for clarity regarding his intentions, either before or after the upcoming match.

Fans also understand that this conversation is here to stay – they will be back with another offer in the future – near the January transfer window. But until then, they will constantly be delighted by Salah’s presence here as they make their way to Anfield. 

Then, it will be another tester of Liverpool’s highest-paid player whether he decides to continue with the club. The next few months of the season better indicate where Salah will stay after 2024. 

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