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Bayern Want Strategic Players; Can Kane Achieve European Glory?

Things are looking good for Bayern Munich this season. With Harry Kane in their side they have a good chance of winning the Champions League.

Tottenham’s ‘buy back clause’ for Harry Kane not straightforward despite Levy claims

Things are looking good for Bayern Munich this season. With Harry Kane on their side and the team making progress in the Champions League, Bayern Munich is in decent standing. 

But the fans with Bayern Munich tickets rightfully know that this is not the time for complacency. The club is with the same thought and is prepping for the next half of the season, which will be crucial. 

Here’s the latest from the Bavarian club. 

Only Strategic Players in the January Transfer Window

The team faced a massive challenge with their squad dept during the Hinrunde with injuries and squad planning errors. 

Bayern Munich faced roster depth issues during the first half of the season due to injuries and squad planning missteps. 

While Bayern is undefeated in the league, these mishaps cost them the luxury of smooth sailing, and had to resort to chaos mode, changing tactics. The club is keen on getting their processes right to make it easier for the manager in the second half. 

The 2020 season was a real challenge for Bayern; the team saw several departures and needed help to fit in the right replacements. This led to several new players who couldn’t fit in, abrupt position changes, and a lack of form. 

With an eye on the winter transfer window, the Bayern management is looking for players who can impact, as President Herbert Hainer brought out their strategic approach. Despite aiming for prudent moves, Bayern’s financial position helps them go after even the bigger names. 

It was evident how the club handled Harry Kane and gave it all to get the English superstar on their team. And it is proving to be one of their best decisions. 

While a mega-signing like Harry Kane might be improbable, Bayern could target key veterans or promising talents to bolster Thomas Tuchel’s squad management in the Rückrunde.

Neur and Ulreich signed until 2025 

Bayern Munich extended Manuel Neuer and Sven Ulreich’s contracts, ensuring they stay in the club until 2025. Jan Christian Dreesen, the club representative, praised the duo for their hard work and determination that has kept the club alive in the last few years. 

While Neur’s extension comes as a given with his contribution to the club and as one of the best goalkeepers in the world, the addition of Sven Ulreich was no shocker. In the absence of Neur, Ulreich showed that he was as capable as Neur in between the posts and ensured the team did not drop points. 

Christoph Freund, another club official, hailed the goalkeeping trio of Neuer, Ulreich, and Daniel Peretz, lauding their quality and contributions off the field. 

As a captain, Neur has inspired the club, building a legacy against his name. Freund went on to commend Neur’s status as team captain and his impact on the team as a whole, keeping Bayern afloat as one of the top-tier clubs in the world. 

For fans with Bayern Munich tickets, this is good news. In the absence of Neur, the fans have started to fall in love with Ulreich, who’s been exceptional. His witty attitude and calm nature keep the players motivated, which has worked for the club. 

Manager Thomas Tuchel knows he has a like-to-like replacement for Neur this season. He would even want to give Neur better time management, with Ulreich taking the smaller games. 

Speaking to the Media, Neur expressed his happiness in continuing at Bayern, reflecting on returning after injury. With crucial matches coming up in the second half of the league, fans with Bayern Munich tickets are delighted. 

He expressed confidence in achieving significant goals, including aiming for the 2025 Champions League final in Munich, especially with Ulreich by his side.

Neuer, a Bayern player since 2011, has a rich record with the club, winning several Bundesliga titles and Champions League trophies. 

Sven Ulreich reflected on his gratitude to the club for allowing him to serve for a prolonged period with his extended tenure. He expressed satisfaction working with Neur, Peretz, and the goalkeeping coach. 

He also noted the positive influence Neur has had on him and how it has helped him grow as a person and a player. 

Ulreich joined Bayern in 2015 and has been a part of the club’s success in winning Bundesliga titles, and DFB Cups, showcasing his value at pivotal moments. 

The 2020 treble win was only possible because of Ulreich’s existence. 

Can Harry Kane be England’s Second European Boot winner? 

The European Golden Shoe race for the season is shaping up to compete with Harry Kane’s start in Germany. His first half of the season has been nothing short of impressive, with 18 goals in 12 games, which is unprecedented. 

No other player has achieved such a feat in the Bundesliga history.  The fans with Bayern Munich tickets are loving it, and now they see how he can sustain it til the end of the season. 

If Kane can sustain this incredible feat, he could reach 51 goals at the end of the season. The record for most goals in a Bundesliga season stands at 41, set by Robert Lewandowski in 2021. 

With this mathematical theory and injuries, rest days need to be considered; Kane easily surpasses the 41-goal mark. 

In the European context, he is also the leading goalscorer, overtaking Amahl Pellegrino of Norweigian side Bod/Glimt, who has 23 goals. 

There is a caveat when calculating goals in judging the European Boot winner. 

The goals scored are weighted, and the top five European leagues see their goals count as two. The leagues ranked sixth to 22nd are estimated 1.5 times, and the lower divisions are counted as one. 

Theoretically, a League of Ireland or Estonia, on the lower end regarding league rankings, can also win the European boot, but he might have to score about 70 to 80 goals. 

Kylian Mbappe from PSG and Erling Haaland from Manchester City are his close competitors. Mbappe has an advantage this season as the Ligue 1 is still considered a Top 5 League, and a goal scored is double. 

The French League will be at 6th from next year, and the goals will be counted as 1.5. 

Meanwhile, Inter Milan’s Lautaro Martinez and Real Madrid’s Jude Bellingham (Kane’s England teammate) are also putting in strong performances, each with double-digit goal tallies in their respective leagues.

Beyond the major leagues, Solvi Vatnhamar has 21 goals for Vikingur Gota in the French Islands, but those equal only 10.5 major league goals in the European Golden Shoe Race. 

The fans who are regulars at the Allianz Arena with Bayern Munich tickets like how Kane approaches his games and would want him to continue doing what he does and hope he is injury-free in his first year at the club. 

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