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Caroline Dinenage reacts after Everton points deduction reduced

Everton have moved up to 15th in the Premier League table after the point deduction has been reduced from ten to six. 

The Toffees were severely punished and were immediately docked 10 points in November for breaching the profit and sustainability rules (PSR). It was the biggest punishment in the Premier League history that took Everton to 19th in the table. 

However, after an appeal and a long delay, the appeal board has decided to reduce the punishment. Everton wrote in their official statement that they are “satisfied” that the appeal has resulted in a reduction in the points sanction.

According to a report from BBC Sport, the independent commission made two major mistakes on legal grounds. However, the latest decision falls in line with the English football league guidelines.

That being said, Everton are facing another point deduction for breaching rules for the second time in January.

Caroline Dinenage, Gosport MP for Culture, media and sport, wrote on X that Everton’s remaining charges must now be considered ASAP so that the fans and the club get “certainty for the future”.

“While some Everton fans will no doubt still be disappointed, it’s welcome the appeals process has allowed the decision & especially the sanction to be reconsidered. Everton’s outstanding case must now be considered ASAP to give the club & fans certainty for the future,” she wrote.

Everton get breathing space

The Times journalist Henry Winter explained that when the initial verdict came out, everyone felt that it was “clearly excessive, vindictive, inconsistent”.

PSR is needed to monitor the club’s finances but the punishment has to be consistent. Everton still could face another point deduction that could put them into the relegation battle once again, but they will feel that having received a sensible verdict now, the next one would be an even-handed judgment as well.

Everton players and the manager have got breathing space after the decision today. They are five points above the relegation zone and can play with a bit of freedom. They have been very poor recently having failed to win a single Premier League since the turn of the year.

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