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Andy Burnham slams Premier League as Everton verdict shared

Andy Burnham has suggested that Everton has been made a “scapegoat” by the Premier League. 

When Everton frustratingly waited for a decision to know the outcome of their appeal, Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester was one of those MPs who constantly urged the Premier League to come clean.

The Toffees were initially docked ten points for breaching the PSR rules, and after an appeal, it was reduced to six points. Nottingham Forest have been deducted four points for breaching PSR rules, although they breached the financial loss threshold by £34.5m, compared to £19.5m by Everton.

A written explanation was given that Everton provided “incorrect information”. Finance expert, Kieran Maguire has suggested on Sky Sports that any Everton fan will feel that the punishment given to them was harsh.

Burnham has now slammed the Premier League for their inconsistency, adding that an independent regulator is needed immediately. He said that the Premier League have proved that they can’t be trusted.

The Mayor wrote on X: “Where on earth is the consistency in all this? The Premier League have ruined this season for many. They tried to scapegoat Everton to prove they could be trusted to regulate – but only succeeded in showing that they can’t. Independent regulator – now!”

Everton face second hearing later this month

The Toffees will face a second hearing later this month, and they could face another points deduction which could prove to be a fatal blow to their survival hopes.

The Premier League are also taking loads of time to provide clarity about Everton’s takeover situation, and it feels like grave injustice is going on with them.

In such a troubled situation, it is not always easy to focus completely on matters on the pitch, but that’s what Sean Dyche and his boys need to do to keep themselves safe in the league.

They have been very poor in 2024, but the break may have come at the right time for them. Everton fans can only hope that they can avoid another severe punishment, but given the Premier League’s inconsistent track record, it’s better not to keep high hopes.

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