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Arsenal ban three fans for tragedy chanting at Liverpool game

Arsenal ban three fans for tragedy chanting at Liverpool game

Arsenal have taken a strong stance against a trio of supporters caught engaging in tragedy chanting during the FA Cup clash against Liverpool back in January.

The club have released a statement confirming that the three individuals, identified as 18-year-olds Ellis Chandler, George Oxley, and Joshua Ricca, have all been handed three-year football banning orders.

The incident, which involved chants referencing the Hillsborough disaster, has cast a dark shadow on the Ashburton Army, a prominent Arsenal supporters’ group known for their passionate backing of the Gunners.

This isn’t the first time the group has faced controversy, but this offence has resulted in the harshest punishment yet.

The bans issued by Arsenal extend beyond simply attending matches, as Chandler and Oxley are prohibited from coming within 1.5 miles of the Emirates Stadium for the next three years. 

All three culprits pleaded guilty to a section five public order offence, and Arsenal’s strict measure underscores the club’s commitment to eliminating such offensive behaviour from its fanbase.

“We strongly condemn this abhorrent behaviour,” Arsenal said in a statement. “We have worked closely with the police to ensure swift action was taken, and we welcome the football banning orders handed out.

“We have a zero-tolerance approach to tragedy chanting and will always ensure strong action is taken against those found guilty of such behaviour.”

Liverpool have long condemned the abhorrent practice of chanting about the Hillsborough disaster, a tragedy that claimed the lives of 97 fans in 1989. 

Yet, the disturbing behaviour reared its ugly head once more last weekend at Old Trafford.

During the pulsating FA Cup quarter-final clash between Manchester United and Liverpool, chants referencing the Hillsborough disaster were heard amongst a section of the supporters.

This act of utter disrespect for the victims and their families cast a long shadow over Man United’s thrilling 4-3 victory.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) confirmed on Wednesday that a man had been charged with Section 4a of the Public Order Act 1986 for alleged involvement in the tragedy chanting. 

While this is a positive step towards accountability, the incident reignites concerns about the continued presence of such behaviour within the beautiful game.

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