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Everton: Second point deduction looks inevitable

Everton are preparing for the second hearing after breaching the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules. 

The Toffees were initially docked ten points and after a successful appeal, they got back four points. However, they have breached the threshold limit for losses again, and as a result, are facing another round of PSR hearings.

According to Matt Hughes of The Daily Mail (19 March, page 71), Everton’s second hearing will be heard this month, and it will take until early April to get the verdict.

Having received severe punishment once, there are suggestions that Everton could lobby for a “double jeopardy” situation.

Everton fans and pundits have been left fuming after Nottingham Forest were deducted only four points. Important political figure, Andy Burnham has slammed the Premier League for showing inconsistency in handling such cases.

Now, Hughes writes that another point deduction for Sean Dyche’s side looks “inevitable”.

Hughes wrote for The Daily Mail: “Everton’s second PSR hearing will be heard this month with a verdict due in early April pending a possible appeal.

“As they have already been punished once, Everton could claim ‘double jeopardy’ in lobbying for a reduced sentence in this case and will point to Forest receiving a four-point deduction for a much bigger breach. Nonetheless, another points deduction for Sean Dyche’s Premier League strugglers looks inevitable.”

Everton must be prepared for second point deduction

Everton must have got a clear picture of where they stand now. The Toffees are already frustrated with the Premier League for their delay in giving the green signal for the takeover to go ahead, and no one knows whether 777 Partners will pass the tests.

It is expected that the Toffees would get a reduced punishment from their second hearing, but will it be enough to stay in the Premier League for next season?

If Everton lose three to four points at this stage, it could have a massive impact on the relegation battle. The Toffees are yet to win a Premier League game in 2024 and they need to get some points under their belt to give themselves a better chance of survival, even if points are deducted.

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