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Jordan Henderson reacts to Jurgen Klopp’s decision to leave Liverpool

Jordan Henderson hopes that Liverpool can end the season on a high so that it can be a fairytale ending for Jurgen Klopp. 

The Reds have already won the Carabao Cup and they are still alive in three other competitions, including the Premier League.

Klopp confirmed on 26 January that he would be stepping down from his role after the end of the season. The beloved German boss won the Premier League and the Champions League with Henderson who now plays for Ajax.

Henderson has admitted that he has spoken with the Reds boss after the bombshell from Klopp. He says that it was “shocking” for everyone, but adds that he wasn’t too surprised with the decision. Klopp has been there at Liverpool for a long time and it must have worn him down.

The former Liverpool skipper feels that now that the news has come out, it will help the players win more trophies in the next few months.

“I’ve spoken to him a little bit. It was shocking for everyone,” said Henderson, as quoted by The Mirror.

“But, at the same time, I probably wasn’t as surprised as everyone else because he’s been there a long time and the passion and emotion he gives to teams – doing that over such a long time – must wear you out.

“However, with it coming out, that might give him an extra energy boost until the end of the season – we’ve seen that already – maybe it will help the players over the line to win a trophies over the next few months.”

Liverpool face Sparta in Europa clash

The next few games are absolutely vital for Liverpool, starting with tonight’s Europa League clash against Sparta Prague. Klopp is yet to win the Europa League for the Reds, so he would definitely take this competition seriously.

Liverpool will face Manchester City next in the Premier League, and that’s going to be a cracking game. If they can win at Anfield, it would give them a massive psychological boost to win the league, although Arsenal are still in the mix.

The Reds will face Manchester United in the FA Cup clash as well and that’s going to be another feisty fixture.

When the news first broke out that Klopp would leave, it was a big shock for everyone. But now, everyone has come to terms with it, and are putting all their efforts in the same direction.

Liverpool are yet to decide who their next manager will be, and also also actively looking to appoint a new sporting director.

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