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What famous footballers do to fill their spare time

In this article we take a look at some of the activities that famous footballers enjoy during their leisure time away from the pitch.

As fans, we only think of footballers as players and what they do on the pitch. However, football is still just a job for them, and they have free time away like everyone else. Players have hobbies and passions away from football that help them reduce stress and enjoy some down time away from the game. Let’s take a look at some of the activities that footballers enjoy during their leisure time:

Play golf

Many famous football players LOVE golf, and some are extremely good at it. Gareth Bale – the former Tottenham and Real Madrid superstar – was one of the best attackers in Europe during his peak years as a footballer. He won numerous trophies, including the Champions League, during an illustrious career. However, Bale is also well-known for his other passion; golf. The Welshman is a single figure handicapper, plays regularly, attends several golf events throughout the year and even built a mini course in his back garden!

Playing computer games

Some players love nothing more than spending hours at home playing their favourite computer games. Mesut Ozil was famously lambasted by Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger for playing COD into the early hours of the morning – even the night before big games! Wenger felt Ozil’s love for computer games was affecting his performances on the pitch and gave him a curfew.

FIFA is another favourite of players, for obvious reasons, and footballers are known to enjoy intense games with their team mates during their spare time. Players are notoriously competitive, and with the money they earn, footballers can buy FIFA coins and build a formidable team, so I’m sure they enjoy some good games at the training grounds. Competition between rival clubs is not uncommon, and Jack Grealish once faced-off against James Maddison in a ‘forfeit game’. Declan Rice, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Phil Foden and Mason Mount reportedly enjoyed some fierce contests while away with the England squad, too.


With money being no object for many famous footballers, it’s no surprise they spend much of their spare time travelling to glamorous parts of the world. The likes of Dubai and Miami are favourite destinations for footballers with many jetting off to these City’s whenever they get the chance to escape England and get some sun. Footballers get 4-5 weeks off during the summer, so this is when we’ll see most players heading off on their travels.

Some players enjoy time away with their families to chilled destinations like Bali, the Maldives, the Caribbean and Italy. While those that haven’t settled down yet may opt for more lively places such as Las Vegas or Ibiza to enjoy the nightlife. Wherever they go, footballers will always try to relax and enjoy themselves during their downtime away from the pitch.

Charity work

An often overlooked part of being a famous footballer is the amount of charity work they do. Clubs and players all work within their local communities to help underprivileged children, with many running charities to help raise funds and awareness. Bukayo Saka and other Arsenal players regularly visit the local children’s hospital in North London, while Man Utd players help inspire young people through the Manchester United Foundation. Some players have even taken it a step further by setting up their own charities, and many footballers do volunteering work during their spare time.

Keeping fit

If daily training and intense football matches aren’t enough, many players still like to keep active during their spare time. Some go running or go to the gym to help with their mental and physical health. Others take part in different sports to help take their mind off the stresses that come with being a famous footballer. And of course for the enjoyment, as footballers are often very good at other sports besides football.

Socialising with friends and family

It’s important to remember footballers have a life away from football. They have friends and family that they love and enjoy spending time with them when they can. Some players love nothing more than spending a relaxed afternoon with their partner and/or children. Others like to wind down by going out with their friends. Sometimes a footballer can get themselves into trouble by drinking too much and getting caught in a nightclub in the early hours. Marcus Rashford was recently disciplined by Manchester United after missing training following a two-day session in Belfast. So, while it’s important for players to enjoy down time with their friends, it’s vital they don’t let it affect their performances on the pitch.

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